“Heat Lightning” by John Sandford


Heat Lighting by John Sandford

This author is new to me.

I was tempted to put it down after the first few pages, the descriptions seemed too florid. Describing the first known victim:

He’d been a smooth white egg of a man, whose insides, when he cracked, flowed out like a yellow yolk.

But I persevered and I’m glad I did, the plot gathered pace and there is lots of snappy dialogue and an interesting protagonist, the cop Virgil Flowers “Virgil Flowers. I like that. Classical and corny at the same time.” remarks Mai, who he will later take out dancing.

The action is set in Minnesota, two old guys have been found murdered with lemons left in their mouths, their bodies left on Veterans’ Memorials. Virgil Flowers is the cop assigned to work out what is happening as the body count starts to grow. The connection between the victims would seem to be Vietnam and something which happened there many years ago, when the war was nearly over.

This is a modern cop story, with Google being used along with some sophisticated heat seeking devices and bugs in laptops. There are also some humorous interludes.

You’re gonna bug my house and my office and my car …” (Lutz said)

“We don’t have to,” Virgil said. “We already replaced your fillings with microphones.”

Lutz laughed and said, “Maybe that’s why old ABBA songs keep running through my head.”

“We’re not that cruel,” Virgil said.

My rating 4 out of 5




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