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“The Inheritance of Loss” by Kiran Desai

Winner of the Booker prize 2006. This might have warned me off, I remember Salman Rushdie winning the Booker of Bookers for Midnight Children, many critics were contacted to comment and said he was thoroughly deserving of the accolade but … Continue reading

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“Doll” by Ed McBain

A model is murdered, whilst her 5 year old daughter in the next room comforts her Chatterbox doll. Carella and Kling of the 87th Precinct investigate, but Kling goes home early in a huff because Carella doesn’t like the way … Continue reading

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“The Bastard of Istanbul” by Elif Şafak

I enjoyed this book a lot. It is difficult to know where to start, each chapter is headed by an ingredient for Ashure, Mustafa’s favourite dish: “Cinnamon”, “Garbanzo Beans”, “Sugar” etc… Mustafa is the only male child with four sisters. … Continue reading

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