“Doll” by Ed McBain


“Doll” by Ed McBain

A model is murdered, whilst her 5 year old daughter in the next room comforts her Chatterbox doll. Carella and Kling of the 87th Precinct investigate, but Kling goes home early in a huff because Carella doesn’t like the way he is handling the investigation. Then Carella gets a hunch and returns to the murder scene without his partner, bad move, he is captured by the baddies. The book then alternates between Carella’s incarceration and torture and his colleagues at the 87th trying to figure out what happened to him and how to solve the murder. Pulpy murder mystery police procedural, a slim but entertaining volume.

My rating 4 out of 5


About jimholroyd365

Hi, my name is Jim, I am an Englishman living in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. I started this blog to share my interests, my photos and to make sense of my world. I take a lot of photographs of various subjects, some of which I intend to share here. I collect diecast cars and get the same thrill at 50 as I did when I was 8, when I find a car I'm searching for, Don't worry, I have a separate blog for this hobby. Please feel free to comment and ask questions on what I blog. I am quite new to this blogging, I was inspired by reading a book, which began as a blog of a London Ambulance Driver: "Blood, Sweat and Tea". I hope my blog will be entertaining and amusing, I did try stand up comedy in the UK and had seven gigs before I left to teach English in Georgia. I love reading and so the blog will include book reviews of books as I finish them.I don't know about which direction this blog will go, I am a great believer in serendipity...let the journey begin...
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