“Fatal Cure” by Robin Cook


“Fatal Cure” by Robin Cook

Robin Cook has carved a niche for himself with medical thrillers (Coma is probably his most famous work). In Fatal Cure, we have two doctors, a husband and wife moved from crime-ridden Boston to a community hospital in Vermont. Initially things look ideal for them and their daughter, Nikki,  who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. Then things start to go wrong. David has his patients dying mysteriously,  with the same vague symptoms and he hasn’t a clue as to why they deteriorated so rapidly. He is also criticised by hospital management for being so extravagant in calling in consultants and ordering tests, as the hospital is trying to keep costs to a minimum having signed a deal with CMV an insurance company for too little.

Meanwhile, David’s wife, Angela (is Cook a Bowie fan, perhaps?) is working as a pathologist and being sexually harassed by her mentor.

Events take a sinister turn, when the body of the former hospital administrator is found behind a cinder block wall in the basement of their new house. Angela hires a private investigator and both doctors are overwrought and depressed by their situation.

When Nikki is admitted to the hospital and starts showing the same symptoms as the recently deceased patients, the pace increases to the end of this page turner.

Usually I read on public transport but this book had me gripped and determined to finish in my free time.

There were a few loose ends not tied up in the end, like whether David’s predecessor, Dr Portland committed suicide or was murdered. Also David is continually suggesting is wife is hysterical, whereas she seems to be acting quite normally considering the sexual harrassment and the body in the cellar.

My rating: 4 out of 5



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