“Torchwood: Long Time Dead” by Sarah Pinborough


Long Time Dead

Torchwood” is a spin off from the BBC’s “Dr Who“, it focuses on a team of alien hunters based in Cardiff (Wales). This novel wasn’t televised but bills itself as a prequel to “Torchwood: Miracle Day“. On Goodreads site it is listed as the 17th Torchwood book but you don’t need to read the others or even see the TV series to follow the story.

In Cardiff the wreckage of the Hub, the headquarters of Torchwood is being excavated. One of the old Torchwood team, Suzie Costello is brought back to life, having been dead for three years, by some alien technology, that she describes as a darkness within her. The darkness spills out in patches around Cardiff and causes citizens and a scaredy cat to slip into a kind of hell.

“She was Death, the deliverer – what the awful. unnatural eternal blackness did with the essence of those people after wasn’t her business.”

By a bizarre and rather eery coincidence in the last book I read Pop Goes the Weasel the Weasel of the title was also Death, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

There is a rift in time and space somewhere around Cardiff, which is responsible for the strange goings on. DCI Tom Cutler is investigating a series of related disappearances and suicides, the suicides leave the same message “I remember”, suggesting they remember something about Torchwood that had been erased or suppressed from their memories and the remembering drives them to suicide. It is quite a dark story but not especially gripping.

My rating 3 out of 5



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