Jack Dee “Thanks for Nothing”


Jack Dee: Thanks for Nothing

Jack Dee, if you don’t know, is a British Stand Up Comedian famous for his deadpan delivery. Here is a link to a clip of part of his act: Jack Dee Live

This book is autobiographical, it focuses on the string of day jobs, Jack had on leaving school with no qualifications. It takes us up to the start of his comedy career. His first move was an open slot at the Comedy Store in London.

“Anyone here from Finland?” I asked.
They sat with expectant grins, but of course nobody was.
I waited until it looked awkward for me and said, “Well, that’s my act buggered then.”
To my utter astonishment, this got a really good laugh. (Jack Dee’s début at the Comedy Store in London)

I am interested in stand up because I once entertained ideas of being a stand up myself, I got as far as a few open mic slots, but I didn’t have the drive or the laughs to take it further, plus I emigrated to Georgia, where there isn’t a lot of call for stand up in English. I blogged about this: Stand Up Comedy

I originally used this book, like a few others for my morning trip to the bathroom, where I want something I can just dip into for five or ten minutes, and then leave. A hardback is a bit heavy and cumbersome to carry around, I prefer paperbacks for my metro trips. I am planning to blog abut my favourite books for the smallest room…I’ll add a link here… when it is written.


Jack Dee: Thanks for Nothing (back)

Jack Dee is a keen observer of people. His comedy is largely observational told in his characteristic deadpan manner. He didn’t fit in at school, but he was modestly interested in drama and Shakespeare. After school he worked hard for little reward in a number of catering establishments including the Ritz, waiting and kitchen work. He also took some drama lessons to relieve the tedium. His nervous début  came at the Comedy Store:Finally, the appalling moment arrived when Mullarkey came to the end of his link, looked at a note in his hand to remind himself of my name and said, “Please welcome Jack Dee.”

And so began the career of one of the best loved British stand ups.

The book comes complete with a comprehensive index.


My rating 4 out of 5

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