“Look at Me, Look at Me!” by Dom Joly

This is a spoof biography, it is difficult to know what is real and what is fake, but it doesn’t really matter as it is a funny and entertaining read.


Look at Me! Look at me!

Dom Joly was born in war torn Beirut and spent his childhood collecting shrapnel as a hobby. He claims as Little Dom to have killed his Armenian nanny in a freak accident, on entering the bathroom, where she was taking a bath , the door knocked over an electric lamp splashing into her bath with a fizz and a bang, electrocuting the poor nanny. The gravity of the situation was explained to Dom by the pet dog, Arthur, a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

As the situation in Lebanon worsens Dom Joly is shipped off to a public school in England, where he concluded “Life was shit. What I never understood was that we were constantly being told that we were the lucky ones, the future establishment...”

After he finished school he bought an inter rail ticket and headed for Morocco, where he was jailed for drug smuggling, having been duped into taking some drums to England, a scenario not dissimilar to Bridget Jones’s misfortunes in Thailand, but there was no Mark Darcy to help him out. He got two years in Tangier Central Prison known locally as “the devil’s arsehole“.

There follows Joly’s time at Chalk Farm Polytechnic, being recruited by the Home Office for a secret role, sojourns in Paris and Czech Republic and dalliances with New Labour where he becomes chummy with Peter Mandelson and assaults John Major while under the influence of absinthe.

Then there is the launch of Trigger Happy TV the hidden camera series, which propelled Joly to fame, as the rude man with the giant phone.

How much is true and how much is fabrication is anyone’s guess, but it is an entertaining read and probably more truthful than a Jeffrey Archer autobiography.

My rating 4 out of 5



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