“The Man from St Petersburg” by Ken Follett

It’s 1914, war is looming, Lord Walden a conservative peer is approached by the First Lord of the Admiralty, a young firebrand by the name of Winston Churchill. Mr. Churchill wants a favour, he wants Walden to make a deal with Russia to ensure if Germany attacks France, Russia will join with Britain to fight against Germany opening a second front. Lord Walden’s nephew is a Russian Prince, invited to London to broker a secret deal. But he isn’t the only visitor from St Petersburg. Following him is a fearless  anarchist Feliks, who intends to kill Prince Orlov to prevent Russia entering the War. The plot becomes more intriguing as we find out Feliks was once the lover of Walden’s wife and he was taken away from her and tortured by the Tsar’s secret police. Walden also has an eighteen year old daughter,  who having led a very protected existence comes to hear about the Suffragettes and wants to find out more. At one rally of the Suffragettes which turns violent, she is rescued from the violent brawl by a mysterious Russian…

The Man from St Petersburg

The Man from St. Petersburg

A page turner of a thriller, as Feliks seeks his target and the forces of Scotland Yard seek Feliks, set against the backdrop of 1914 London.

My rating: 5 out of 5


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