“Dead and Buried” by Quintin Jardine

With a title like “Dead and Buried” you would expect a significant body count and this book doesn’t disappoint. The book comprises of four interwoven mysteries, which Bob Skinner and his Edinburgh police colleagues are striving to solve.

Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried

Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner is called in to help the spooks in London get to the bottom of a treacherous plot to kidnap and kill a young royal. Meanwhile in Edinburgh, Sir James Proud, the Chief Constable, whose career has mostly been behind a desk has decided he wants to do a bit of sleuthing himself before he retires. The case of a missing person who vanished over 40 years ago piques his interest, particularly as it involves “Adolf”, one of his former schoolmasters. A third mystery is the gruesome murder of a bookmaker, whose bloody cadaver causes DCI Mackenzie to throw up in the sink to the consternation of the forensics team who thought the murderer might have used the now contaminated sink to wash the blood off his hands. The fourth mystery is a stalker interested in Skinner’s daughter, a hotshot lawyer, who is reluctant to ask Daddy and his team for help. This is a tale of gritty police work with perhaps more than the expected number of murders to deal with. The 96 chapters get shorter as they near the end and the finale is satisfying and includes a couple of twists in the tale.

My rating: 4 out of 5

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