“The Lazarus Trap” by Davis Bunn


The Lazarus Trap

The novel begins with the protagonist, Val (Valentine Haines) in jail with temporary amnesia, bleeding from a head wound. As his memory slowly comes back, he discovers the world thinks him dead and he is being framed by his nemesis with embezzling the company pension funds.  The story is about Val’s determination to get back the embezzled funds, whilst Terence, his nemesis, tries to ensure he remains dead.

The author has won three Christy awards, I had to google these, they are awarded to “recognize novels of excellence written from a Christian worldview.”There is little overtly Christian in the story: the language is tame for a suspense thriller, nothing stronger than “floozy”, also, two minor characters met each other on an Alpha course and, of course,  there is no sex. There are some bad guys, who turn away from a life of crime and there is some forgiveness but nothing really preachy.

I have a little trouble with the names of the hero and his enemy: Valentine and Terrance, to me Val, I always associate with Valerie Singleton of Blue Peter and Terrance as the name of a terrier dog. These are my own prejudices.

All in all, I found it an okay read, the plot was a little predictable, the characters were interesting, even if I had a problem with their names, the bad guy is a little one dimensional. The action skips from America to Britain to Jersey.

My rating : 3 out of 5


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