“Sharpe’s Devil” by Bernard Cornwell


Waterloo is a memory. Sharpe meets an ailing Napoleon on St Helena before heading into new and violent experiences in Chile. ” Fix your bayonets, men!” Sharpe is in Chile to find an old comrade in arms, Don Blas Vivar, but gets caught up in the Chilean revolutionary war. This book acts as a kind of epilogue to the Sharpe saga spanning several books and reaching a climax at Waterloo. Sharpe meets Thomas Cochrane, a former Lord, who has thrown in his lot with the Chilean rebels against the Spanish trying to hold onto the last vestiges of their once enormous empire in South America.

Cornwell’s attack on religion is less pronounced here than in some of his other books, there are times when Sharpe even finds “his lack of any religion a handicap.” In this book, lawyers instead, are a particular object of the vitriol expressed by Sharpe, Cochrane and even Napoleon.

Sharpe a veteran of fighting on land experiences his first sea battle in Chile and finds it a nasty claustrophobic affair. Like all Sharpe books there are plenty of action scenes against sound historic background. Will he live happily ever after? Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out.

My rating : 4 out of 5


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