“The Tinkerer’s Daughter” by Jamie Sedgwick

A simple but entertaining tale of a half-breed:  half-elf (Tal’mar), half-human called Breeze. I read this on my Kindle App.


The Tinkerer’s Daughter

This is a fantasy novel, set in a world of humans, elves, kanters, wargs and trolls. We meet Breeze as a child as she is left in the custody of a hermit like tinker by her father, who is off to fight in the war. The war is between the Tal’mar or woodfolk (elves) and humans. Breeze has the fortune or misfortune to be mixed elf and human, so suspected by both groups. The tinker is a mysterious character who invents improbable steampunk machines for the technology of the day including steam powered automobiles, a snowmobile and a spring propelled airplane.

Breeze is something of an outcast at school and fails to make friends, and that is before the other children discover she is a half-breed, which they see as an unholy abomination. Breeze learns more from helping the Tinkerman than she ever did in school and she also begins to discover the elf-like magic within her that can communicate with the trees.

When the cannibalistic kanters (15 foot monsters thought to be primitive and unintelligent) launch an organised attack from the south, Breeze is called on for some daredevil missions to save both humans and elves, whilst being held in suspicion by both sides.

This is a light story that requires some suspension of disbelief even for a fantasy tale. Breeze and the Tinkerman are loveable characters, that you root for. There is some conflict but there could have been more.

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