“Lethal People” by John Locke

John Locke is the 8th author in history to have sold one million eBooks on Kindle (I actually read a paper based copy). This is not great literature, the characters don’t develop but it has a pacy plot and being the first in the series you will be able to read more if you like his style.


Lethal People

Our protagonist is Donovan Creed, a name I find rather similar sounding to Jonathan Creek (a BBC drama series featuring an illusions expert who solves seemingly impossible crimes). Creed is not Creek, he is employed as a counter terrorist operative by homeland security, who moonlights as an assassin if the price is right.

As the title might suggest there is a high body count, particularly when a gangland boss blows up a hotel in an attempt to eliminate our protagonist.

There is some humour, or attempts thereof:

When you have survived a bomb blast and more than a hundred people didn’t, it’s hard to focus on rumors of a possible hickey on Paris Hilton’s neck.

The plot requires a little suspension of disbelief, like when the hero along with an army of midgets in a Winnebago head for the baddie’s hideout. The hero has no money worries and plenty of high tech weaponry from his official employers.

The plot is pacy but it could do with more twists and perhaps a proper climax, in the end it is a little disappointing.

My rating 3 out of 5


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