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“Shoot the Moon” by Billie Letts

“Shoot the moon” is a term from dominoes, where a player tries to win all 7 tricks…a high risk strategy (shoot the moon in dominoes) In California Mark Albright, has a successful and lucrative career as a vet in Beverly … Continue reading

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“White Bones” by Graham Masterton

I knew Graham Masterton as a horror writer, I read a few of his books back in the eighties, when I was more interested in the horror genre. Now, I see he has moved into the crime field but he … Continue reading

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“Art & Lies” by Jeanette Winterson

Jeanette Winterson writes beautifully but this book for me lacks a strong cohesive plot to hold it together. “There’s no such thing as autobiography there’s only art and lies.” Alternating chapters describe the lives of the three main characters, Handel, … Continue reading

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“Not in the Flesh” by Ruth Rendell

After the Vampires of my last read, this is back to the familiar territory of a police procedural whodunnit. A truffle hunter uncovers a cadaver in a shallow grave on the edge of the village of Flagford, the post mortem … Continue reading

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“Blood Omen Book 1: The Vampire Wars” by Katie Ruth Davies

As the “1” in the title suggests, this is not a stand alone book but the first in a series (of five books). I might not be the target audience for this, it seems more aimed at Young Adults, but … Continue reading

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