“Shoot the Moon” by Billie Letts


Shoot the Moon

“Shoot the moon” is a term from dominoes, where a player tries to win all 7 tricks…a high risk strategy (shoot the moon in dominoes)

In California Mark Albright, has a successful and lucrative career as a vet in Beverly Hills, his world is shattered when he discovers at the age of almost thirty that he is adopted. He travels to DeClare, Oklahoma, hoping to discover his birth mother and finding out why he was put up for adoption. But his mother, Gaylene, isn’t around, she, an unwed teen was brutally murdered almost thirty years back and it was thought he had been killed too, though his body was never discovered. The residents of DeClare are shocked by his return and some like the sheriff are keen that he should head back to California.

His grandmother gives him Gaylene’s diary, excerpts are scattered through the book, these build a picture of who she was: a talented artist, a keen basketball player and part Cherokee. Mark, who was originally named Nicky, spends the book trying to find out  who his father is and who killed his mother.

There are many quirky small town characters, the drugged out DJ, the sheriff ashamed of his Downs Syndrome son, a black man, whose father was wrongly convicted of Nicky and Gaylene’s murder. There are also Nicky/Mark’s relatives, he has a particular attraction to his pregnant cousin.

The book has an easy conversational style and touches on themes like prejudice against the Native Americans. I enjoyed it.

My rating 5 out of 5


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