“The Bat” by Jo Nesbo


The Bat

A Scandinavian crime thriller with a difference, this one is set far from the fjords in the “Lucky Country” of Australia. The Lucky Country didn’t prove too lucky for Inger Holter, a Norwegian girl on a gap year in Sydney, whose body is found on the Pacific coast. Harry Hole (pronounced “Holy” by the Aussies) is sent by the Norwegians to assist the New South Wales Police. This is the first of the Harry Hole series (there have been 11 to date). In Australia, Harry is a bit like a fish out of water, a maverick cop and recovering alcoholic, things start off quite well for Harry, he meets a lovely Swedish girl named Birgitta. But then  Harry falls off the wagon. Andrew Kensington, his new aboriginal buddy ends up dead and then things start spiralling out of control as Harry turns to his old pal Jim Beam for succour. The plot has several twists, as it turns out their murderer is a serial killer, but the pace is patchy, a lot of Dreamtime stories add to the local colour but don’t add much to the plot. The Bat of the title is a Dreamtime omen of death, a bat of the willow variety comes to play in a bar room brawl, giving one of the characters serious concussion. This is well written and well researched, the Australian backdrop has an authentic feel, but I prefer the more mature work later in the series like “The Leopard” .

My rating : 4 out of 5


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Hi, my name is Jim, I am an Englishman living in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. I started this blog to share my interests, my photos and to make sense of my world. I take a lot of photographs of various subjects, some of which I intend to share here. I collect diecast cars and get the same thrill at 50 as I did when I was 8, when I find a car I'm searching for, Don't worry, I have a separate blog for this hobby. Please feel free to comment and ask questions on what I blog. I am quite new to this blogging, I was inspired by reading a book, which began as a blog of a London Ambulance Driver: "Blood, Sweat and Tea". I hope my blog will be entertaining and amusing, I did try stand up comedy in the UK and had seven gigs before I left to teach English in Georgia. I love reading and so the blog will include book reviews of books as I finish them.I don't know about which direction this blog will go, I am a great believer in serendipity...let the journey begin...
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